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Development of the "Z1" had begun in 196x, but when Honda released their CB750 it crossed all of Kawasaki`s plans. Now it had to be something even bigger, stronger and faster. So deplacement was increased to 903cm which was 66mm stroke and bore. The countershaft was placed in needle bearings, two overhead camshafts throned on the massive block and four elegant mufflers . .


Z650B1 1977


At the IFMA in Cologne, the german Kawasaki-Importer Detlev Louis presented the new superbike of the seventies: The 900 Super Four!


  Z650B1 1977

Sales startded worldwide. Colors were rootbeer/orange and green/yellow.


Only minor changes were made . .
A stop light was added to the tachometer and the formerly black painted engine came in pure silver metal.


This years model was equipped with an o-ring chain, so there was no more need for the oil-pump, it was left out.
Cylinder-head was modified and got a two piece gasket. Badges on the sidecovers were changed to the "square" types.

(K)Z900 A4

Frame strengthened from 18 to 23 mm
Two brake disks (4 bolts) on the front wheel
Bigger gas tank, lockable fuel cap
Idiot ligts now between meters
New handlebar with wiring inside, new grips, new handlebar-switches
New 26 Mikuni Carburetors for more torque at low revs, new air filtering system and new sidecovers
New square tail light, new wide ducktail
New seat cover pattern

(K)Z1000 A1

New 4 into 2 exhaust system
Bore changed to 72 mm
Modified 26mm Mikuni carbs
Disc-brake on rear wheel

(K)Z1000 A2