Here we go . .

When Kawasaki first introduced the Z1 on the IFMA in Cologne, Germany, I was almost 13 years old and I never had thought that this motorcycle could have such an attraction on me. When I, already 18, got my driving licence, I was still asolutely uninterested in motorcycles; until a friend of mine, three years ago. showed me his 78 baby honda, a CB 400 T, he had just bought. The bike was in good condition and , to make a joke, I said:" If you ever should sell this cycle, let me know."
One year later he told me hed like to by himself a bigger motorcycle, and if I was still interested. With another friend of mine I went to him, took a look at the bike, talked about the price and had a deal. I even had no driving licence for motorcycles.
Five weeks later I got myself the licence and another two weeks later I started alone for a ten days trip to Mallorca (about 1.300 km from my home).



More and more I learned about the history of "musclebikes", a scpecies I always preferred. I never liked these racing-style high-tech machines, chrome-dripping choppers or with cases overloaded tourers. Just pure two wheel fun.
The most fascinating machine to me is the Z1 with its classic look and its unbelievable power.
On my Internet-Quest for pictures and other information on this bike I stumbled into some classifieds which seemed to be very interesting. So i emailed a californian family who wanted to sell a:"78 Kawasaki kz650, excellent condition, garage kept, under 5000 original miles."

After some weeks of emailing for details, receiving photos via snail mail, finally finding a shipping company in LA to ship the bike to germany (thanks to Rick Goddard of the KZZ1OC) I gave my OK to the transaction. Today its still 4 days until I can pick it up at Bremen harbour. Im already holding breath . . .

This homepage consists mostly of material I borrowed somewhere on the web. It is in no way perfect or complete, it just wants to inform a little bit and, most of all, to entertain you.

Trier, Germany, January 19 1997

Pierre Kertzman

Well, its been a long time since then; the kz650 has arrived in beautiful shape and its absolutely fun to ride! But the ZED-virus is still in my veins . . . actually Im looking for a Z1, finally! . . . .maybe a 74 or a 75?! . . . to be continued . . . . .

Trier, Germany, January 21 1998


A long time has been gone, the 650 has arrived in immaculate condition and is pure fun. But i´m infected, the Z-virus is in my veins. Someda i´m gonna get me a Z1, maybe a 74 or 75?
To be contiued . . .

Trier, Januar 21.1998
Pierre Kertzman

Finally i did it. Got a Z1;production date 11-72 Frame No 3257, nos tank, tail and sidecoers in rootbeer/orange included. A great bike.

Trier, April 21. 1998
Pierre Kertzman

The previous owner, who had bought it in Indiana, rode it all the way down old route 66 and shipped it from LA to Germany. He even left me the old licence plate . . Thanks Günther!  

Back on the street and ready to go. Had to spend some bucks for a new chain kit, steering bearing, new tires, dyna ignition, fork seals, oil, plugs and gaskets. But here she is now, fast and shining . .  

Two days trip with my mate Eddie to the source of the river Mosel in France, taking the "route des cretes" through the vosgues in France, ending up at in Türkheim, Alsace. The engine ran like a clockwork.